As a part on schedule to Guimarães – European Capital of Culture 2012 – the POP-UP spaces competition aimed at producing art installations that could move through the city, offering something unexpected, whether it is a service, or a product, or simply something creative and disruptive.

The project, entitled as FRAME BOX, consists of a tubular steel structure wrapped around in white screen and its main purpose is to allow the observation of one or more monuments from a central point
in the city. This structure gives us a new framework of these monuments. It is proposed a reinterpretation of the city that allows experience it in an innovative and fun way, which would improve its readability and accessibility and promote the bond between historical and contemporary elements, both for visitors and residents.


|| inspiration

The images that refer to this “magic box”, where the body is separated and lives momentarily distinct realities, seemed to us a very interesting starting point. By placing the head in a “hole,” the person “leaves” the body in the background reality and the head engages a completely different scenario. It is intended to limit the field of vision forcing us to a different interpretation of space around us and an interaction through the eyes is required, inviting the participation of people, the involvement of community, thereby leveraging more vivid ways of creating new memories.


|| project

People who walk by are invited to enter inside the Frame Box through a slot in its base screen at the height of 1.40 m above the ground. Inside, the viewer is limited by the view of the screen all the way around, which is cut at a strategic point in order to create a framework for a particular point of interest nearby, in the exterior. The experience is completed by sentences printed in the screen that refer to what the viewer is looking at.

In response to the specific needs of the Guimarães ECC program the city Guimarães itself, the location of Frame Box was bounded to a specific zone of the city, the area of Couros. Three Frame Boxes are introduced in strategic locations in this area of the city, with the intent to be observation points and, together with other temporary projects like this, to commit towards the revitalization of the urban core.