The project to renovate the facilities of Oporto delegation of Pierre Fabre Dermo Cosmétique was requested in order to upgrade the image of the training room and work spaces, somewhat dated, and create new functional relationships and benefits that would contribute to the best use of the space.

After contact with the older solution, two main objectives became clear, guiding the intervention: enhancing the entry of natural light – since the space is set on level 0 of a collective housing building and limited to the natural light that entries through the openings on its facades (one facing the street and another at the back facing farmland), in other words, only at the ends of the interior space; ensure continuity and functionality of both the space and program – the distribution of different rooms and services was not consistent in the previous model, as it generated programmatic incompatibilities.

The answer to these goals resulted in the definition of a continuous undulating corridor of access to all the rooms which flows from one end to another. The foundation of all the intervention is based on this path, which was thought not only as a circulation and access space, but as an essential void to a program that is condensed into it at different moments. The route, touching both ends of the interior space, creates visual communication to the outside and thus provides the natural light. On the right side are located, sequentially, the entrances to the offices, the treatment room and training room. In turn, on the left side were grouped the services and several cabinets to support training in a continuing curved body punctuated by small niches, each with its own specific function, from a single seat or a place to put the printer to the toilet and bar entrances.

The use of polycarbonate, although limited for budget reasons to the room entrances, was crucial, allowing exterior light to enter into the rooms. Regarding artificial lighting, the corridor curviness and continuity was addressed and reinforced through plans of indirect light that wave, following the design of the space. In the training room, two bright ovals are cut in the ceiling, conveying the character of exception that this one must have. The contrast between the black carpet and white walls in plasterboard were explored in pursuit of a clean, almost laboratory visual, in accordance with the ideals and image that the company wants to convey.